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Earn $10 Every 10 Seconds FREE - Make Money Online 2020

Make Money Online 2020

Earn $10 Every 10 Seconds FREE – Make Money Online 2020

Earn $10 Every 10 Seconds FREE – Make Money Online 2020, 635 dollars and 32 cents straight to PayPal this is a bottle of glue and this is a bottle of shampoo and this is a box of crackers yep well you’ll need to know what all of these have in common before you can earn ten dollars of PayPal money every ten seconds I’m gonna give you all the, 

details right on this article the very first step is to go right over to welcome back guys my name is a big mark I create articles that show people how to make money online and if you subscribe right now I will send you a notification and an update whenever I create a new article so you guys don’t

miss anything and if you stay towards the end of this article I’m gonna share with you a bonus that will allow you to make even more money right on line all right let’s go ahead and jump into the article first I want to give you a disclaimer results are not typical please use this at your own

risk make sure to watch every second of this article and I’m going to show you how to get ten

to a hundred and fifty dollars of PayPal money over and over again I’ll also show you exactly how to earn between 100 and 150 dollars a day in PayPal cash how to make sure you have a

consistent daily income coming in this is a bottle of glue and this is a bottle of shampoo and this over here is a box of crackers well there’s one thing that they all have in common can you guess what it looks really closely glue shampoo and a box of crackers can you tell do you notice what make money online

they all have in common and you know what it is they all have a logo if you look up at the top here on this bottle there’s a logo up here at the very top and if you look on the shampoo bottle you can also find a logo at the top right there and look at this box of crackers look at that you’ll also see a

logo companies out there understand that it’s very important to have a logo to represent their brand for their products and their services on this article I’m going to show you step-by-step on how you can make PayPal money just by taking the knowledge that we’ve learned from these

products so let’s go ahead and begin first we must understand how to withdraw the funds using this method so we can withdraw the funds in three different ways we can make money online and use PayPal Payoneer or we can have the funds directly sent to our bank account and of course if you don’t have a PayPal account you can simply go over to you can sign up for free they also give you this 

really cool app this is the same app that I use to check my PayPal balance with the first website we’re going to take a look at is people per hour this is a freelancing website where clients go to post their projects to be completed so essentially how it works a client will come onto here they

will post a project this can be something like a programming job or maybe a web design or maybe even some graphic design jobs and then they will find a bunch of freelancers maybe those freelancers will bid on that jobs- make money online they will share their portfolios with the client and then the client will choose the freelancer that best fits the project and so after that they do the project the

exchange the work goes back and forth the project is delivered to the client and then the freelancer gets paid well this is a great website for those of you that are interested in working online or making money from home because it’s a trusted website over almost 1 million

businesses have been trusted with this community and 2.4 freelancers have been a part of this so what’s letter it’s been seen on BBC Business Insider CNBC and many many other organizations so you can hire in minutes and that’s what makes this whole website really really

convenient but there’s one thing that’s extremely popular on this website and it goes back

to what we were talking about earlier about these products and that is logo design is one of the most popular sections on this website businesses and organizations need logos

I just typed in logo design here and I found over a thousand different logo design projects and look at this you’ve got logo design I need a logo design we need a logo designer designing a logo I need a logo design it just goes on and on and on over a thousand projects \

there are logo projects being posted every single day now these can range anywhere from $20

all the way up to $300 or more another website that’s very similar to people per hour is also guru

this is over at and I’ve just typed in here logo design and you can see there is just a

huge list of different freelance jobs for creating logos you can find people that are willing to pay up to two hundred and fifty dollars for different logo designs the great thing is is that a lot of these clients and business owners they’re not as resourceful and they’re not very familiar with what’s, Make Money Online

out there on the internet so I’m going to share with you guys on this article a system and a tool that will allow you to create a logo in just seconds so if you want to become a freelancer and you have no graphic design experience well this is going to be for you so let’s just take this example

job over here’s a person that posted this project one day ago an urgent logo is required for a

the restaurant now he has a couple of options here he’s willing to pay a fixed price but he’ll also pay somebody per hour and you’re just gonna offer him and give him a price that he just can’t refuse

but let’s look through here so it looks like he needs a logo for a restaurant it’s basically an ice cream parlor and the colors that he needs are red and purple white okay that sounds pretty good and he also needs a PNG format well that just means that he wants a logo with a transparent

background so it fits over different patterns and different shades of color that’s totally cool we can do all of this for free I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it there’s a website over here it’s called free logo design and that’s over at free-logodesign .com this website contains

thousands of different logo templates that you can use and you can provide for free to the different clients on people per hour and also it’s really powerful you can create these logos in a matter of seconds so let’s just take on and create a little project here and use this as an

example I’m gonna walk you through step by step and show you exactly how this all works so once you go to free logo design org and if you scroll down a little bit you’re gonna find a button up here on the top right that says create my logo or you’ll find it somewhere around here let’s go

ahead and click on that okay so that opens up a window here we’ve got some logo ideas that we can choose in a bunch of different categories now for this particular job let’s go back here it looks like that this is going to be for an ice cream parlor so what we’re going to do is just scroll right

down here and find something that has to do with food and drink so sure enough we’ve got a food and drink category right here so let’s go ahead and click on that and what you’re gonna do at this point is find a logo that closely resembles or looks like something that would fit pretty well with an

ice cream parlor now it looks like the closest thing I can find here is this little cupcake logo I’m

probably going to go ahead and do that just for the sake of the timing on this article but looking down here there are pages and pages of different logos that you guys have to choose from so first let’s just go ahead and click on the logo that you guys want and then what I’ll do comes

down here and click on the Add button at the bottom of that window and that’s going to open up into this editor so this way you can edit the colors the text and everything right on this logo now the client did say that they wanted the colors and white and purple and white well it looks like make money online

make money online, we’ve already got purple here so it didn’t look like they said they wanted green so what I’m gonna do is change the color of the green to red so let’s go ahead and I will click in just right on the edge thereof the green and as soon as I do that you’re gonna start to see the green color being selected here over on the little toolbar look at that so then all I would have to do is click on this little color box that will open up this little panel here or like a little pallet and then I can just choose 

red and then maybe I can make that red a little bit brighter and let’s just go ahead and select that

so I’ve got that red border that goes around the logo now we’ve got some looks like a cupcake here you could also be ice cream I guess but we need to change the color of that from green to red so I’m gonna select that graphic okay and it looks like the colors and the different swirls of

that cupcake there are in different colors so I’m going to choose the first one here and then I will click on a little color box now since that I’ve already chosen the red color I can go ahead and choose that again by clicking on this recent color box right there and then go ahead and select 

being select there you go let’s go ahead and click on another shape and I will just keep repeating

this until we have the entire cupcake swirl they’re all red there we go ahead and change that and we’ve got a couple more to do there we go select up there select the green hit the color box

select red once more and I’m completed now we don’t exactly know to Make Money Online the name of this ice cream parlor but let’s just say the name of it is princess, okay and so he wants to call it princess ice cream or something like that but what we can do is just come down here and click on

the word because you’re gonna have this little tool it’s like a little X with some arrows on it and you can click on the different elements over the logo there well if I click on the text you’re gonna see the little pallet over here on the right pop out and you’re gonna find some text here a little text box which basically displays the text that’s on the logo in whatever part that you’ve selected so

what I’m gonna do is go ahead and click on that and let’s just change it to our own text so I can make this ice cream so then we can call this princess ice cream and then when I have that all completed I’ll just click outside of that little toolbox to make that go away and then we can see our logo so you can see how simple this is but guys if you do this a few times you’re gonna be able to Make Money Online

create logos in just a matter of seconds that’s what this is all about so what you’re going to do at this point is just come over here and click on the Save button at the very top right corner there and that’s going to open up a new window now you guys might see some pricing and stuff like

that don’t freak out what we’re gonna do is use the free option

right here this is going to give you a

logo in the size of 200 by 200 pixels and you get to save it in a PNG file format which is exactly

what the client has requested over here so guys this is super powerful go over to people per

hour right now come right up here and type in Make Money Online logo design underneath the projects area on the website and you guys are gonna find a huge list of different logo jobs that you can do and you 

can send proposals for these even if they’re offering $100 for a little logo design well maybe it’s competitive so you could say hey I’ll do it for 50 dollars and I’ll have it done in a couple of hours you know you can do something like that and maybe that will better your chances of getting hired for

that particular job and this really reminds me back in the day when I was struggling here’s a picture of me I was in a small house and I had to actually work in the garage I have a little plastic fold-up desk there with my laptop and I remember it was like you know 20 to 30 to 40 degrees

outside it was very cold I had a little heater in the garage but even then I still had to wear a jacket and I struggled guys Make Money Online, I struggled for a very very long time trying to crack this whole code how exactly do you make a long-term sustainable income on the Internet how do you do it I was just

confused I wasted a lot of time I wasted a lot of money I got involved with the wrong people and it was just it was driving me crazy and this went on for years you know what is the secret how do people make a long-term sustainable business but not only that a long-term sustainable income and it wasn’t until I plugged in with the right people that took me by the hand and they showed me

step-by-step exactly how to do this as a matter of fact it’s allowed us to move down here southern

Florida where it’s beautiful we traveled clear across the United States and I have a little picture here this is the last day we were in Oregon and I asked my wife I said honey if you could move anywhere in the United States where would you want to go and she said well I

want to be warm you want to be warm let’s go to Florida so that’s what we did we traveled clear across the United States it took about a week to get here man hundreds of miles and we finally made it and it’s just beautiful and this is a picture of Oregon what I used to be around and we had

to keep the kids in nine to ten months out of the year and you know my daughter would say dad I just want to go outside and play and some days I just couldn’t let her do that because it was just crazy out there and it was cold but man things have changed and I’m living that laptop lifestyle 

that I’ve always wanted to Make Money Online have but I wouldn’t have been able to do this unless I got in touch with the right people that would show me step-by-step exactly what to do and stop listening or

doing what I thought would work and listen to people that already had the results that I wanted that already had maybe the lifestyle that I wanted already and listen to them instead of just kind of

going by whatever I thought was going to work I mean that was just like a complete nightmare

so I want to share this with you guys if you’re looking to make a full-time passive income from home now a passive income is where you can make money while you sleep maybe while you’re

out and about spending time with your family because I think that’s what a lot of you guys want to do I don’t know what your situation is if you want to break out of the nine-to-five and have more time and freedom to do what you want to do because I think that’s what it’s really all about well

check out the link below in the description of this article right now and I’m gonna share with you exactly how I went from and I was in that garage right with the plastic pulled up desk pulling my hair out wondering what the heck I was going to do just having a nightmare – traveling clear

across the country in beautiful Florida you know got this beautiful townhome bought my dream car able to do whatever I want work a couple of hours a day and have all that freedom how exactly did I do that what was the method who did I listen to what did I follow and what’s going to be

sustainable for a long-term not short-term not a get-rich-quick thing for a long-term okay and if you guys want the details on this check out the link below in the description and I will get that

information over to you right away if you guys enjoyed everything you’ve seen on this article hey give me a thumbs up I would appreciate that and if you want more articles about making money

online well subscribe now and I will send you a notification and an update whenever I create a new article so you guys don’t miss anything you guys have an awesome day and I will see you on the next article peace

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Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2020

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

Best Web Hosting, by the end of this article, you will know 100% which one of these is right for you let’s start with the pros of Sai crown and the first pro is it’s one of only three companies that WordPress

actually recommends this blue host company but it doesn’t stop there they’re also really easy to set up they’re pretty fast service and they’re reliable but another one of the biggest pros for me is it comes with a free SSL certificate so that’s a lot of pros for site Grom but there are some cons one

of the first cons is that it’s not the cheapest option out there it’s about a mid-price it’s also not the most expensive overall I do think site ground is some of the best bangs for your buck but there are cheaper options out there if money is very tight for you another con is that their hosting plans

come with a limit to how much data you can actually upload to the server so if you have a website that’s gonna have a ton of high-resolution graphics a ton of high-resolution videos that you’re trying to upload to the server sycron may not be the best option for you next up is Bluehost and

they’re also recommended by WordPress themselves to be used as a hosting service for WordPress but here’s a dirty little secret about Bluehost part of the reason they’re one of the most popular hosting companies out there is because they pay a very high affiliate Commission a lot of

people out there say that Bluehost is the best because they make the most money off of it now that being said I do think Bluehost is great and I do personally use them but if I were to do it over again I think that they’re a little bit overpriced so that’s a con as well another popular hosting

company is

GoDaddy does not use GoDaddy do not go with them they spend a lot of money on marketing they don’t spend as much money on actually creating a great product and on top of that they’re overpriced whatever you do just do not go with GoDaddy GoDaddy is fine for buying a domain

name but they try to upgrade you to the services of hosting and they get unsuspecting people to pay that extra premium for their hosting it’s not worth it a to hosting has one of the fastest server times out there and it’s a decent price but on a con, it’s not one of the most reliable in fact just a

a little while ago they got hacked and a lot of their sites went down now that being said their uptime was still at 99 plus percent but they’re not the most reliable of all the different companies Hostgator is a very popular hosting company and here’s a fun little fact it’s owned by the same

the parent company that owns Bluehost and so both Bluehost and Hostgator are very very similar but

one con for Hostgator is it’s actually not recommended by WordPress themselves and in my opinion if I were to choose between


 Bluehost  or Hostgator web hosting


personally would go with Bluehost but you can check the prices down below both these hosting companies are obviously very similar and you can’t go wrong with either one of them WP engine is unlike any of the other companies we’ve talked about so far in the hosting space they’re one of

the fastest they’re one of the most reliable the best customer support out there but a big con is

you’re gonna pay for it it’s ten times the price of any other company we’ve talked about so if your WordPress site is very very very important to you and you want to pay a premium for that great

the customer support it may make sense to go WP engine I personally would never do it all the other ones that we’ve talked about so far have really good customer support as well but WP engine does take it to that next level in motion is another popular hosting company and to be honest with

you I don’t see any big pros with using them their uptime and their speed was mediocre and their

prices actually double what a lot of the other platforms we’ve talked about so far are so personally I would never go within motion next up is host singer and the big Pro is it’s one of the cheapest

ones out there the prices do fluctuate I do have links down below and up here so you can get the latest price but if money is your number one concern then a host singer is probably a good option for you so to me that is the one con with them is you do get what you pay for so if money’s really

tight you can go with them you can try it out and maybe it’ll make sense for you I personally would not use them but like I said if money’s tight this is an option last up on our list of top 10 hosting

companies are dream host and a big Pro for them again is they are recommended by WordPress

themselves so it’s one of only three companies that WordPress recommends to host WordPress website so that’s a big Pro however on the con side they’re more expensive than site ground

or Bluehost web hosting which is also recommended by WordPress and I don’t think they have

added features that make it worth that extra price tag now it’s time to announce a winner and I think the answer is it depends on what you’re looking for if you’re looking for the fastest company out there a two Hosting is a great option if you’re looking for the cheapest hosting company out

their host singer is a good option if you’re looking for an old but reliable company Bluehost is a great option that’s what I personally use but the truth is if I were to do it all over again I wouldn’t use any of these I would for sure go with sigh crown and as promised I have the hook up I have

discounted pricing on all these platforms for you you can check up here in the links or down below the links in the show notes and as an added bonus I get a small kickback from the hosting

the company so as they thank you and as a bonus, to you, I’ll give you a free 30-minute one-on-one consulting session.

Thanks 😀

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Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020, hey guys in this article we’re gonna be checking out the five best free web hosting services in 2020 I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them

based on quality durability and more I’ve included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for an entry-level option or the easiest product to use we’ll have the product for you if you

want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links


infinity free offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth at absolutely no charge whatsoever it offers shared hosting services that are shockingly reliable for being totally free it gives you an SSL certificate when you sign up for an account this is something that you will

definitely appreciate if you’re an online merchant when you choose the free account option with this web host you will also get 10 email accounts and an FTP account it is a suitable option for those who get up to 50,000 hits on their site per day this web host promises a

99.9% uptime and it is even more impressive than they actually deliver on it most of the time one of the best things about this free web host is the fact that there aren’t any forced advertisements

this means that you won’t have to worry about needing to submit to ads on your site you’ll be able to transfer your domain name to this host or choose a free subdomain name from over 25 different extensions features include email accounts when you sign up with this host for a free account you will get 10 email accounts shared hosting you will be restricted to shared hosting

with this web host but it is surprisingly reliable SSL Certificates the free SSL certificate you get with your account will keep data transmitted through your site secure the pros are no advertisements this free web host doesn’t force you to put advertisements on your web site free website transfer you will be able to transfer your site to this host at no charge whatsoever

excellent uptime the 99.9% uptime that this host gives you will ensure that your site stays active virtually all the time and for the cons the fact that this

the web host doesn’t offer any customer support is a big drawback to consider there are many free web hosts on the internet but infinity free is among the best it provides you with dependable

hosting services to keep your site up and running always you even get unlimited bandwidth and

storage which is an unbeatable deal the fourth product on our list is zero zero zero web host

comm you will find that zero zero zero web host comm has a lot to offer especially for a free web

host, it gives you an easy-to-use website builder that will let you make a new site from the ground up even those who have never used this type of software before should have no problems

whatsoever all accounts on this web hosting site are activated instantly so there’s no complicated

the process that you will have to go through there’s also a custom control panel with a variety of useful tools for managing your website the one-click WordPress installer and free domain parking can be hugely beneficial for just about everyone this web host promises 99% uptime which isn’t

bad at all for a company that doesn’t charge for its services each of their servers is optimized to

process requests in the lowest possible time frame while conserving resource usage the average

speed of this host servers is impressively fast you will always get the latest versions of PHP and MySQL each server is also tested to provide reliable and safe web hosting to places all over the world the features include website creation tool this hosts website creation tool allows you to

make a brand new site without any complicated steps cPanel experienced webmasters will be

pleased to find that this host allows you to use cPanel to manage your site community forum if you ever have any questions you need to get answered you can search the community forum for

quick assistance the pros are easy to manage your account you will be able to manage your account easily with the cPanel control panel instant activation your account will be instantly activated once you complete the initial signup process latest technologies you’ll always have access to the latest technologies including MySQL and PHP and for the cons, this host doesn’t offer any email accounts with their free plan if you need web hosting services but you’re on a very tight budget this host has a lot to offer it gives you a way to keep your website up and running smoothly a majority of the time the third product on our list is brave Netcom gives

you reliable shared hosting services that you can count on consistently these services are designed to give you the amount of speed and storage you need to keep your site running smoothly this host offers an easy-to-use site builder tool that allows you to create a great looking



site from scratch it provides you with some of the latest web technology that you can use without

any previous experience if you want to put together a mailing list for the users of your site you can do so with the help of this host it gives you a mailing list builder that is incredibly simple and easy to use in every way this particular feature can be very useful if you want to keep your customers apprised of new products and services you have to offer there are a variety of very useful web

tools that this host offers including classified guest books hit counters and much more these tools are designed to help you improve your site in a very noticeable way that your visitors will appreciate the features include shared hosting the shared web hosting services this company

offers are very reliable and fast mailing list you can use this host to create a mailing list for your

site which will benefit you and your customers web tools the various web tools this host offers can help you keep improving your site over time the pros are high uptime the 99.9% uptime that this host promises means that you know your website will stay up and running 24/7 customer support this is one of the few free web hosting companies that offer customer support 24/7 via support

ticket easy to use site builder the web site builder software this host offers is easy to use and will allow you to create a great looking site in no time and for the cons, you will only be able to get shared hosting services from this host one of the best things about brave net is that it takes care of its customers you can always rely on high-quality customer support when you need it the second product on our list is

Weebly offers a free web hosting platform with reliable services and solid data centers with redundancy procedures this means that you can always be sure that you will get the

best web hosting to keep your site running smoothly at all times with this web host your site is served across a large server infrastructure that powers millions of different sites you will have a

simple but powerful website builder with an easy drag-and-drop design this makes it possible to build a brand new website without having to follow any complicated steps this host even offers numerous ecommerce solutions to online merchants if you operate a business on the web you will definitely be glad for these features the fully integrated shopping cart and secure checkout

features like a shopping cart and secure checkout to make your online store perfect mobile app the Weebly mobile app is easy to use and gives you maximum convenience of wherever you are site builder you will also have a great website builder tool with an intuitive interface that makes

it easy to use the pros are responsive themes there are a number of themes to choose from and each one can be easily adapted to mobile devices ease of use this web hosts website builder and

all other tools are incredibly easy to use as a whole access to lots of apps the App Center on this hosts website gives you access to tons of useful mobile apps and for the cons, it can be difficult to

create a website in different languages it shouldn’t take you very long to discover just how easy to

use and helpful Weebly can be when it comes to web hosting services this host is one of the best options for budget-conscious webmasters the first product on our list


can provide you with an all-inclusive website builder that will let you create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing site in minutes there are hundreds of different templates for

you to choose from for your web site allowing you to get the perfect look this web host will also allow you to get a free domain when signing up the easy drag-and-drop design of the control

the panel allows you to change customize and add to your site with ease you will be able to create a site that is already optimized for viewing on mobile devices considering how many people browse the web on these devices this is definitely a useful feature while you do have to allow Wix to put

ads on your website it is a small price to pay considering these services are free you will be able

to configure your site exactly how you want without any complications or frustration whatsoever this makes the entire process of setting up your site on a new hosting service much easier the features include website builder the website builder this host offers will let you choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates unique platform this host operates on their own platform 

which offers a number of marketing tools that can be useful to business owners mobile-optimized sites the website you create with this web host will automatically be optimized for mobile viewing the pros are tons of themes there are lots of unique and stylish themes to choose from when creating a new website very flexible the website builder this host offers gives you extreme

flexibility so you can get your needs met no matter what app market there are also tons of apps to choose from that can improve your website as a whole and for the cons the templates this host offers cannot be changed very easily there’s no question that Wix is a great free web host if for no other reason than their website builder is simply amazing they provide you with the flexibility and

options necessary to build and maintain a great-looking and highly functional site that runs


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DNS simple way !

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

DNS simple way

DNS simple way !

DNS simple way. In the world of networking, computers don’t go by names like humans do, they go by numbers because that’s how computers and other similar devices talk and identify with each other over a network,

which is by using numbers such as IP addresses. Humans, on the other hand, are accustomed to using names instead of numbers, whether it is talking directly to another person or identifying a country,

place, or thing, humans identify with names instead of numbers. So in order to bridge the communication gap between computers and humans and make the communication of a lot easier

networking engineers developed DNS, and DNS stands for a domain name system. And DNS resolves names to numbers, to be more specific it resolves domain names to IP addresses. So if you type in a web address in your web browser, DNS will resolve the name to a number because the only thing computers know are numbers. So for example if you wanted to go to a certain

website you would open up your web browser and type in the domain name of that website, so, for example, let’s use Now technically you really don’t have to type in to retrieve the Yahoo web page, you can just type in the IP address instead if you already knew what the IP address was, but since we are not accustomed to memorizing and dealing with numbers, especially when there are millions of websites on the internet, we can just

type in the domain name instead and let DNS convert it to an IP address for us. So back to our example, when you typing your web browser the DNS server with search through its database to find a matching IP address for that domain name, and when it finds it it will resolve that domain name to the IP address of the Yahoo web site, and once that is done then your computer is able to communicate with a Yahoo web server and retrieve the webpage. So DNS

basically works like a phone book, when you want to find a number, you don’t look up the number first, you look up the name first then it will give you the number. So to break this down into further detail let’s examine the steps that DNS takes.

So when you type in in your web browser and if your web browser or operating system can’t find the IP address in its own cache memory, it will send the query to the next level to what is called the resolver server to resolver server is basically your ISP or Internet service provider, so when the resolver receives the query, it will check its own cache memory to find an IP address for, and if it can’t find it it will send the query to the next level which is the root server.

The root servers are the top of the root of a DNS hierarchy. There are 13 sets of these root servers and they are strategically placed around the world, and they are operated by 12 different organizations and each set of these root servers has their own unique IP address. So when the root server receives the query for the IP address for, the root server is not going to know what the IP address is, but the root server does know where to send the resolver to help it find the IP address. So the root server will direct the

DNS simple way

resolver to the TLD or top-level domain server for the dot-com domain. So the resolver will now ask the TLD server for the IP address for

The top-level domain server stores the address information for top-level domains, such dot org and so on. This particular TLD server manages the dot-com domain which is a part of.

So when a TLD server receives the query for the IP address for, the TLD server is not going to know what the IP addresses for

So the TLD will direct the resolver to the next and final level, which are the authoritative name servers.

So once again the resolver will now ask the authoritative name server for the IP address for
The authoritative name server or servers are responsible for knowing everything about the domain which includes the IP address. They are the final authority. So when the authoritative name server receives the query from the resolver, the name server will respond with the IP address for And finally, the resolver will tell your computer the IP address for and then your computer can now retrieve the Yahoo web page. It’s important to note that once the resolver receives the IP address, it will store it in its cache memory in case it receives another query for so it doesn’t have to go through all those steps again.

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Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners, what’s up everyone ray Hisham here in the last 10 years I’ve built almost 70 websites and haven’t gone through the analytics they’ve been seen by close to 1 million people which is pretty mind-blowing all of those website projects were unique however the core elements of how to set up a website

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

remain the same every single time this article is for the beginners out there that want to build our first website and are confused by all the tech jargon that goes along with that process if that sounds like you stick around because we’re gonna go through the basics of how domain registration and website hosting

work and then we’ll discuss what the various web hosting package types mean and the pros and cons of each and hopefully by the end you’ll have a better understanding of how to choose the right one for your situation so let’s start with how websites work and I created a really simple graphic here to go over the process of domain registration

and website hosting for this example I picked two of the big companies out there and Hostgator calm I use both of them personally and GoDaddy is most popular for domains but all of

these companies generally offer all services so GoDaddy has to host domain website builders and Hostgator does the

same exact thing I haven’t had a good experience with GoDaddy hosting which is why I’ve stayed away from them from hosting perspective but I’ve had no problems with them just for domain registration so when you register your domain with GoDaddy you’re gonna get access to these DNS settings for each

the domain that you register and then when you sign up with a hosting company like Hostgator they’re gonna send you their DNS servers so you sign up with your Hostgator account and they’re gonna send

you likely to DNS servers all you have to do is go into your GoDaddy settings and plugin your Hostgator dns servers that’s literally all you need to get set up with your website and the DNS server

its function is to translate your domain into an IP address so all it does is when you as the visitor go to a

website you know you open up your browser and type in a domain name it’s going to send that domain name to a DNS server where it maps it to the IP address of your web host and that’s where it gets all the files from so that’s how the website is downloaded so hopefully that wasn’t too confusing for you and I hope that this graphic is

simple enough to understand but really all you need to remember is that when you register your domain wherever you register the domain you should have access to DNS settings and whatever you put within those DNS settings that’s going to define where your website is hosted now before we go into the hosting

packages we have to figure out what your goal is you might be one to do one of many things so the first questions that

you’re gonna want to ask yourself are do you want to create one website only or if we project into the future are you planning to build multiple websites and as multiple websites mean two or three or does it mean maybe 10 or 20 and then you have to think about the software that you’re gonna use to build the website are you building from scratch with HTML do you want to use a

content management system like WordPress are you just going to use templates or a builder offered by the web hosting company like Hostgator or GoDaddy or are you planning on doing custom development and maybe even code with a higher-level language like PHP or JavaScript and last but not least consider the traffic of the website so if you’re just starting out a website it’s not gonna have high

traffic it’s gonna take a while to build up the traffic and then even for established websites they might be low traffic if they’re local and then on the,.

other end of the spectrum you might have a global oriented website based around a hobby or a general interest that applies to people worldwide and in those cases once you get to a point of high traffic your web hosting options are gonna change and I have to point this out you’ll see a lot of people that leave

bad reviews for cheaper web hosting companies there are people that don’t consider the beginners experience you know you can always upgrade there’s

nothing wrong with starting with a cheaper package and upgrading down the road when you start getting more traffic so let’s look at the options that are going to be available to you on the majority of web hosting companies across the Internet

more than likely you’re gonna be choosing from one of these types of packages shared hosting reseller hosting a virtual private server dedicated hosting cloud hosting and managed WordPress hosting the first one is shared hosting and this is the cheapest the quickest and the easiest to get started you’re gonna see really great

deals for shared hosting packages and this is really dominated by the big companies I mean that’s really how all markets are anything cheap is gonna be dominated by big companies and anything that’s really expensive is by small companies that offer a high-end customer service experience with that said the

main Conda shared hosting is that as the name suggests you’re gonna be sharing your hosting package with a lot of other websites depending on you know who your neighbors are that might mean that your

website is gonna load slower now what that said I think it’s the option that you should start with if you’re a beginner for the reason of it being

cheap and that you can always upgrade the next one is reseller hosting and this is what I started with many years ago I had the vision that I wanted to create websites for small businesses and local businesses so from the get-go I knew that I wanted a plan where I can create multiple hosting accounts and that’s really what it resell roasting is it’s pretty much

shared hosting but where you can create unlimited websites and as this name suggests you can actually sell hosting plans you don’t need to create websites specifically, you could literally just create hosting accounts and let the people figure it out themselves a step

above that is VPS hosting and this is virtual private server and with this, you’re getting resources that act like your own so so it acts as though it’s not being shared with other websites even though from physical perspective t might literally be on the same server ut their software over top of it they I’ve you dedicated resources to run your, Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

website so you don’t have to worry about other websites interfering with your performance they also give you root access so if you need to do any technical stuff for IT-level stuff you’re gonna have more options with a VPS server versus a

shared hosting server and the main downside is that this is going to cost more than shared hosting and it’s also not as scalable as some of the other options if you do start to get more traffic one step above VPS is dedicated hosting so this is where you actually get physical resources you know you get a physical web server that is all yours and that’s where your website runs so this is generally expensive I think I’ve never looked into this for myself but,.

just having browsed around I’ve seen prices anywhere from like seventy-five dollars to two hundred dollars per month for dedicated hosting plans so this is something that you’re really only gonna need if you have a high traffic website and you’re a technical kind of person, Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners.

nowadays a popular option is cloud hosting so instead of your hosts being on a physical computer you know sitting somewhere maybe in the United States or internationally your website hosting is on the cloud and the big advantage to this is that you have redundancy so it’s usually faster it’s more scalable especially if the traffic surges start to happen you

know your site’s not gonna crash as easily as it would if you were on a shared server that only had a specific amount of you know RAM or memory so this is gonna cost you a
little bit more and the other downside is that you might not get the same access that you would if you had a dedicated server and a similar version of cloud hosting is managed WordPress hosting so this is specifically optimized for the WordPress content management software and database-oriented websites they also do a lot of updates for you so it’s gonna be more secure you don’t have to worry about doing that manually and similar to cloud hosting the downsides to this or pricing control so I had to do this from one of my websites it started to get a lot of traffic and the performance of all the websites that were on that shared server and that included both personal and client websites the load speed of all of
Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners, them started to decline so I knew I had to get my high traffic websites off of that shared server and just keep the low traffic websites on there and when I switched over to managed Press hosting and the company I chose was Ken stay calm the performance of the website just went through the roof the page for the time before was something between a second to two seconds when I transferred over to Kinston it’s now down to like 0.2 seconds so it improved way more than what I could have done by tweaking all the settings within WordPress or anything like that if you’re a beginner though don’t worry.
great one everyone.

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Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners