Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020, hey guys in this article we’re gonna be checking out the five best free web hosting services in 2020 I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them

based on quality durability and more I’ve included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for an entry-level option or the easiest product to use we’ll have the product for you if you

want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links


infinity free offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth at absolutely no charge whatsoever it offers shared hosting services that are shockingly reliable for being totally free it gives you an SSL certificate when you sign up for an account this is something that you will

definitely appreciate if you’re an online merchant when you choose the free account option with this web host you will also get 10 email accounts and an FTP account it is a suitable option for those who get up to 50,000 hits on their site per day this web host promises a

99.9% uptime and it is even more impressive than they actually deliver on it most of the time one of the best things about this free web host is the fact that there aren’t any forced advertisements

this means that you won’t have to worry about needing to submit to ads on your site you’ll be able to transfer your domain name to this host or choose a free subdomain name from over 25 different extensions features include email accounts when you sign up with this host for a free account you will get 10 email accounts shared hosting you will be restricted to shared hosting

with this web host but it is surprisingly reliable SSL Certificates the free SSL certificate you get with your account will keep data transmitted through your site secure the pros are no advertisements this free web host doesn’t force you to put advertisements on your web site free website transfer you will be able to transfer your site to this host at no charge whatsoever

excellent uptime the 99.9% uptime that this host gives you will ensure that your site stays active virtually all the time and for the cons the fact that this

the web host doesn’t offer any customer support is a big drawback to consider there are many free web hosts on the internet but infinity free is among the best it provides you with dependable

hosting services to keep your site up and running always you even get unlimited bandwidth and

storage which is an unbeatable deal the fourth product on our list is zero zero zero web host

comm you will find that zero zero zero web host comm has a lot to offer especially for a free web

host, it gives you an easy-to-use website builder that will let you make a new site from the ground up even those who have never used this type of software before should have no problems

whatsoever all accounts on this web hosting site are activated instantly so there’s no complicated

the process that you will have to go through there’s also a custom control panel with a variety of useful tools for managing your website the one-click WordPress installer and free domain parking can be hugely beneficial for just about everyone this web host promises 99% uptime which isn’t

bad at all for a company that doesn’t charge for its services each of their servers is optimized to

process requests in the lowest possible time frame while conserving resource usage the average

speed of this host servers is impressively fast you will always get the latest versions of PHP and MySQL each server is also tested to provide reliable and safe web hosting to places all over the world the features include website creation tool this hosts website creation tool allows you to

make a brand new site without any complicated steps cPanel experienced webmasters will be

pleased to find that this host allows you to use cPanel to manage your site community forum if you ever have any questions you need to get answered you can search the community forum for

quick assistance the pros are easy to manage your account you will be able to manage your account easily with the cPanel control panel instant activation your account will be instantly activated once you complete the initial signup process latest technologies you’ll always have access to the latest technologies including MySQL and PHP and for the cons, this host doesn’t offer any email accounts with their free plan if you need web hosting services but you’re on a very tight budget this host has a lot to offer it gives you a way to keep your website up and running smoothly a majority of the time the third product on our list is brave Netcom gives

you reliable shared hosting services that you can count on consistently these services are designed to give you the amount of speed and storage you need to keep your site running smoothly this host offers an easy-to-use site builder tool that allows you to create a great looking



site from scratch it provides you with some of the latest web technology that you can use without

any previous experience if you want to put together a mailing list for the users of your site you can do so with the help of this host it gives you a mailing list builder that is incredibly simple and easy to use in every way this particular feature can be very useful if you want to keep your customers apprised of new products and services you have to offer there are a variety of very useful web

tools that this host offers including classified guest books hit counters and much more these tools are designed to help you improve your site in a very noticeable way that your visitors will appreciate the features include shared hosting the shared web hosting services this company

offers are very reliable and fast mailing list you can use this host to create a mailing list for your

site which will benefit you and your customers web tools the various web tools this host offers can help you keep improving your site over time the pros are high uptime the 99.9% uptime that this host promises means that you know your website will stay up and running 24/7 customer support this is one of the few free web hosting companies that offer customer support 24/7 via support

ticket easy to use site builder the web site builder software this host offers is easy to use and will allow you to create a great looking site in no time and for the cons, you will only be able to get shared hosting services from this host one of the best things about brave net is that it takes care of its customers you can always rely on high-quality customer support when you need it the second product on our list is

Weebly offers a free web hosting platform with reliable services and solid data centers with redundancy procedures this means that you can always be sure that you will get the

best web hosting to keep your site running smoothly at all times with this web host your site is served across a large server infrastructure that powers millions of different sites you will have a

simple but powerful website builder with an easy drag-and-drop design this makes it possible to build a brand new website without having to follow any complicated steps this host even offers numerous ecommerce solutions to online merchants if you operate a business on the web you will definitely be glad for these features the fully integrated shopping cart and secure checkout

features like a shopping cart and secure checkout to make your online store perfect mobile app the Weebly mobile app is easy to use and gives you maximum convenience of wherever you are site builder you will also have a great website builder tool with an intuitive interface that makes

it easy to use the pros are responsive themes there are a number of themes to choose from and each one can be easily adapted to mobile devices ease of use this web hosts website builder and

all other tools are incredibly easy to use as a whole access to lots of apps the App Center on this hosts website gives you access to tons of useful mobile apps and for the cons, it can be difficult to

create a website in different languages it shouldn’t take you very long to discover just how easy to

use and helpful Weebly can be when it comes to web hosting services this host is one of the best options for budget-conscious webmasters the first product on our list


can provide you with an all-inclusive website builder that will let you create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing site in minutes there are hundreds of different templates for

you to choose from for your web site allowing you to get the perfect look this web host will also allow you to get a free domain when signing up the easy drag-and-drop design of the control

the panel allows you to change customize and add to your site with ease you will be able to create a site that is already optimized for viewing on mobile devices considering how many people browse the web on these devices this is definitely a useful feature while you do have to allow Wix to put

ads on your website it is a small price to pay considering these services are free you will be able

to configure your site exactly how you want without any complications or frustration whatsoever this makes the entire process of setting up your site on a new hosting service much easier the features include website builder the website builder this host offers will let you choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates unique platform this host operates on their own platform 

which offers a number of marketing tools that can be useful to business owners mobile-optimized sites the website you create with this web host will automatically be optimized for mobile viewing the pros are tons of themes there are lots of unique and stylish themes to choose from when creating a new website very flexible the website builder this host offers gives you extreme

flexibility so you can get your needs met no matter what app market there are also tons of apps to choose from that can improve your website as a whole and for the cons the templates this host offers cannot be changed very easily there’s no question that Wix is a great free web host if for no other reason than their website builder is simply amazing they provide you with the flexibility and

options necessary to build and maintain a great-looking and highly functional site that runs


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