Cryptocurrency Platforms Witness Another spherical of Cyber Threats

Cryptocurrency Platforms Witness Another spherical of Cyber Threats

Cryptocurrency Platforms Witness Another spherical of Cyber Threats, Since the recent boom within the costs of cryptocurrencies, cybercriminals area unit ceaselessly targeting cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges, employing a big variety of attack ways. Bitdefender Antispam workplace researchers have discovered associate in progress phishing campaign targeting Coinbase platform users in a shot to steal their account credentials and drain their cryptocurrency wallets.

Latest measurement
Since the period time, the campaign has targeted over twenty-five,000 Coinbase users.
The dishonorable correspondence originated from the Asian nation (69%), Brazil (13.73%), the U.S. (10%), and Japan (2.33%).
These phishing emails have targeted users from the Asian nations (54.72%), Sweden (12.53%), eire (7%), Japan (6.78%), the U.S. (5.12%), nice Britain (2.81%), and North American nation (2.16%).
The phishing emails contained pretend notifications, warning recipients of bizarre activity in their account, requiring immediate action/verification from users WHO would like to regain access to the platform.
The pretend login URL asks users to enter their credentials, that area unit then utilized by attackers to hijack the accounts.

Recent attacks on cryptocurrency platforms
Attacks on cryptocurrency mercantilism platforms have up within the past few months. In addition to phishing and impersonation attacks, attackers area unit mistreatment different attacks like DDoS and knowledge thieving.
Most recently, crypto disposition platform BlockFi was spammed with pretend sign-ups and abusive language.
Earlier to the current, Tether had suffered a knowledge breach and cast documents were known current on-line.
Last month, EXMO cryptocurrency exchange servers had suffered a huge DDoS attack, that resulted in a temporary suspension of their services.

Due to the looming threat of hacks and cyberattacks against cryptocurrency platforms, users ought to be cautious of all types of threats. consultants suggest staying far from unsought correspondence and double-checking internet URLs before language in.

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