Google Search Console updating results report 2021

Google Search Console updating results report 2021

Google has created 2 changes to the made results report in Google Search Console. one of the modifications was associated with the duty posting report and also the alternative change was associated with the FAQ and Q&A made results report.

Google documented each of those changes on this facilitate page however we’ll justify them below.

Job posting report. Google explained that beginning on March eleven, 2021, and going forward, Google has modified its needs for the Education, Experience, and ExperienceInPlaceOfEducation properties of job posting structured markup. thanks to these changes you will notice AN “increase in warnings for Job Posting instances,” Google aforesaid.

If you see these new errors or notices within the made results report, ensure to review those warnings and ensure your job posting structured knowledge follows the new needs within the documentation.

FAQ and Q&A report. Google explained that beginning on Texas Independence Day, 2021, Google can currently begin to validate and check the validity of FAQ and Q&A structured knowledge that’s below the basis entity level. Beforehand, Google solely checked the validity of FAQ and Q&A structured knowledge at the basic level.

Now since Google is checking a lot of the page for validity functions, you will see a rise within the valid, warning, and invalid FAQ and Q&A things within the made results report. this is often “to replicate AN correct count of root and nested entities that we have a tendency to found on your website,” Google aforesaid.

If you see new problems, follow the directions within the report and you ought to be smart to travel.

Why we have a tendency to care. Google is doubtless showing you new errors or problems along with your FAQ and Q&A structured knowledge, likewise as your job posting structured knowledge. currently, all sites use this structured knowledge on their pages however if you otherwise have purchasers that use these structured knowledge parts, you may wish to identify check your Search Console made results report back to see if all remains operating as supposed.

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