Savings Plans – New Pricing Model for AWS Compute Services

Savings Plans – New Pricing Model for AWS Compute Services

hi I’m Hisham AWS engineer  manager for ec2 here at AWS I’m here to talk about savings plans a new pricing model for Amazon ec2 an AWS target savings plans is a flexible pricing model where you simply commit to a consistent amount of usage say ten dollars an hour and in exchange, you will receive

discounts of up to 72 percent on that usage savings plans offer you the same deep discounts as Amazon ec2 are eyes with the flexibility to make a simple monetary commitment instead of making commitments

to specific instance configurations so how do they work let’s say you commit to $10of computer usage an hour you will then get the discounted savings plan price on all your usage up to $10 and any usage

beyond the commitment will be charged at the regular on-demand rates AWS offers two types of savings plans first easy to instant savings plans with ec2 instance savings plans you make a commitment to use

an individual instance family in are going of your choice and all that usage benefits from our largest discount of up to 72 percent this discount benefit is applied to users regardless of AZ size OS or tenancy

for example with a c5 instant savings plans in EU Ireland you can move from C Phi dot extra-large running Windows to see if either two extra-large running Linux in that region and automatically benefit

from the savings planned prices the second type of savings plan offered is known as computing savings plans but these savings plans you get the most amount of flexibility and you can reduce your costs by up

to 66 percent the discount benefit of computing savings plans is applied to all your ec2 instance usage regardless of instance family region Assistance size OS or tenancy and it also applies to AWS forget



usage for example with the compute savings plan you can switch from c4 to m5 instances shift the workload from EU Ireland to e London or mobile workload from ec2 to forget at any time and

automatically continue to receive Scout’s savings plans are the easiest way to save on your computer usage you can sign up for savings plans in a few easy steps using AWS cost Explorer in AWS cost

Explorer, you will be presented with the recommended hourly commitment then all you have to do is select the type of savings plan that best suits your needs computer ec2 instance savings plan and select

the term lend one year or three years it’s that easy in this video I have explained what savings plans are and how you can get started for more information on savings plans you can visit the savings plans

product page or AWS user guide thank you for joining us

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