Telecom Egypt’s HARP

what happened to Telecom Egypt’s HARP to encircle Africa with fiber ?!

what happened to Telecom Egypt’s HARP to encircle Africa with fiber ?!, the country’s largest integrated medium operator, has proclaimed AN bold new fiber project meant to attach Africa with Europe.

The project is anticipated to travel live by 2023, doubtless beating out the launch date of the opposite major African cable project, 2Africa, which is presently below construction and overseen by an association of major medium and digital infrastructure operators, together with Facebook, Orange, and Vodafone.

Plans for the new fiber route were proclaimed earlier on by medium Egypt. known as the Hybrid African Ring Path – or HARP for brief – the new system can run from Cairo, connecting coastal and inland African countries to fiber landing stations in Europe via a combination of terrestrial and subsea infrastructure being designed by medium Egypt.

The name has additionally been chosen due to the route’s supposed likeness to a harp – though to be honest, it’s sort of a rough define of Africa.

In addition to Egypt and Europe, HARP can feature a serious landing station in the African countries. supported details discharged to date, it seems like HARP can leave Cairo on the Sinai Peninsula, and progress on each bank of the Suez Canal.

Sharm Elsheikh, settled at the southern tip of Sinai, can reportedly function as a replacement landing purpose and can be connected to coastal cities on the Gulf of city, forming a hybrid terrestrial and subsea fiber property resolution between landing points in Egypt.

Next, it’ll then run underwater on the Somali coast and down towards the African country. when passing around the southern tip of the continent, HARP can run north up the western coast of Africa before creating landfall in the Portuguese Republic. The route then seems to run land to landing stations within the Mediterranian – there appears to be one planned for the south of France (likely Marseilles) and one within the south of the Italian Peninsula. Then, HARP completes its loop, running below the Mediterranian back to Cairo.

Telecom Egypt’s administrator and business executive, Adel Hamed, commented: “I am terribly pleased with the approaching launch of this new system because it can offer seamless property services to the African continent by integration medium Egypt’s current and planned comes to supply end-to-end property solutions. HARP can modify medium Egypt’s plans to determine open points of presence in numerous new locations in Africa and Europe to serve its enterprise and wholesale customers. it’ll additionally support the digital transformation efforts exerted throughout African nations, and expand the company’s international footprint.”